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  • The All New 2010 Volvo XC60-”The Car That Stops Itself” Now on Sale at DeVoe Volvo!!!

27th April 2009

The All New 2010 Volvo XC60-”The Car That Stops Itself” Now on Sale at DeVoe Volvo!!!

- In 2009, Volvo will give even more customers a sneak peak at its safest car ever made – the Volvo XC60 with standard City Safety – through the nationwide From Sweden with Löv Experiential Tour. The two tours will canvas the southern and western U.S. simultaneously, stopping in more than 85 cities.

For tour dates and locations, or to register to experience City Safety behind the wheel, visit http://www.volvocars.us/XC60Tour. To learn more about the XC60 from a Volvo insider and to watch video reactions of people behind the wheel when ‘the car that stops itself’ stops itself, visit the official XC60 blog, http://www.thecarthatstopsitself.com/.

“With the XC60, seeing is believing, and attendees to the tour stop events have been excited by the City Safety feature”, said Doug Speck, President and Chief Executive Officer for Volvo Cars of North America. “Since the tour began last fall, an impressive number of customers have preordered the new XC60 which goes on sale this March.”

The new XC60, Volvo’s first vehicle in the Small Premium Utility segment, is a capable and charismatic crossover integrating the unmistakable versatility and safety of the Volvo brand. City Safety, the car’s most important new feature, is a unique system designed to help the driver avoid or reduce low-speed impacts that are common in city traffic. If the car is about to strike the vehicle in front and the driver does not react, the car automatically applies the brakes.

According to surveys, more than 75 percent of all accidents occur at speeds below 18 mph. Volvo is involved in a dialogue with several insurance companies regarding lower insurance premiums for cars equipped with City Safety.

Customers in more than 85 cities can see the XC60 before it goes on sale during the From Sweden with Löv Experiential Tour where they will have the chance to see the new car and learn about the safety system that includes a feature allowing the car to stop itself if an accident is imminent.

The Experiential Tour events will feature a multimedia tour of Volvo’s passion for safety, design and driving dynamics. The three-pronged experience, made up of kiosks, videos and timelines surround the XC60, illustrating the new design DNA and the safest Volvo in history. The experience culminates with live demonstrations of City Safety, Volvo’s most comprehensive safety package ever, offered as standard. The first 25 families at each tour event will receive a special gift. During the tour stops, customers can place pre-orders for the XC60, which will be available in March 2009.

From January through March, two separate tours will canvas the country simultaneously with more than 85 tour stops in the south and west. The western tour stops include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Albuquerque, Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Portland and Seattle. The southern tour stops include Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Savannah, Jacksonville, Winter Park (Florida), Miami, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Franklin (Tennessee), Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, Georgetown (Texas), Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

“Volvo is the first in the world to offer this type of feature as standard,” continued Speck. “City Safety clearly signals that the new XC60 is the safest car Volvo has ever produced. The car is packed with our accumulated safety know-how and technology, both when it comes to preventing accidents and protecting all the occupants in a collision.”

The new Volvo XC60 is stepping boldly into what is currently the automotive world’s fastest-growing segment – dressed in a thrilling blend of muscular XC capability and the sporty charisma of a coupe. “This is not only the safest Volvo ever – it’s also the most stunning,” said Speck.

The “Small Premium Utility” segment is growing quickly. Within the next few years, buyers will have at least 10 crossover models to choose from. By 2009, this segment is expected to expand by 75 percent to 443,000 units.

“In order to succeed in that kind of competition, you have to create a vehicle that stands out from the crowd,” said Speck. “The new XC60 bases its unique appeal on the synthesis between daringly sporty design and a range of intelligent safety systems that help the driver avoid accidents.”

More About City Safety

City Safety is a unique system that can help the driver avoid or reduce the effects of the type of low-speed impacts that are common in city traffic. If the car is about to contact the vehicle in front and the driver does not react, the car automatically applies the brakes. Volvo is the first in the world to offer the City Safety feature as standard. Volvo is involved in a dialogue with the insurance companies regarding lower insurance premiums for cars equipped with City Safety.

City Safety is active up to speeds of 18 mph. If the vehicle in front brakes suddenly and City Safety determines that a collision is likely, the brakes are pre-charged. If the driver fails to respond, the car applies the brakes automatically. If the relative speed difference between the two vehicles is less than 9 mph then City Safety may help the driver entirely avoid the collision. Between 9 and 18 mph the focus is on reducing speed as much as possible prior to the impact. According to surveys, more than 75 percent of all accidents occur in speeds below 18 mph.


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